Lab 0 - Init

In this Lab we will:

  • Setup the development environment
  • Deploy a simple hello-world function
  • Find logs and metrics for the function

You completed this lab if you:

  • Successfully deployed the hello-world function
  • Executed it once via the HTTP Endpoint (e.g using curl)
  • Extended the function to generate some log output and found it in Cloudwatch Logs
  • Took a look at the Dashboards for you function


In order to setup the development environment in your AWS Account you have to log into the AWS Console via your web browser. Use the user and credentials you created earlier.

Now we have to do the following steps to setup our development environment:

Create Cloud9 Environment

  • Open the Cloud9 web interface
  • Create a new environment
  • Give it a name
  • Leave all other settings untouched


  • Open the terminal window and type:
  • git clone --single-branch --branch lab0
  • cd serverless-workshop-go
  • ./


  • sam --version
  • aws sts get-caller-identity

Create a samconfig.toml

  • sam deploy --guided
    • Stack name: …
    • Region: eu-central-1
    • Confirm changes before deploy: Y
    • Allow SAM CLI IAM role creation: Y
    • Save arguments to samconfig.toml: Y

Cloudformation Stacks

If you check out the Cloudformation console you will notice 2 stacks.

Try to figure out:

  • Why are there two stacks?
  • Which resources do the different stacks contain?
  • What outputs do they have?